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Rene Drouyer is a French post-graduate engineer and a former student of Fine Arts School.   He is passionate about travel and photography, and since 2004 has been a contributor to several photo agencies.  His work, photographs and illustrations, have appeared regularly on the front cover of books, magazines and other publications


Book: THAI MAGIC TATTOOS The Art and Influence of Sak




La documentation Francaise



Mon quotidian

JDD news web





Capital innovation

Guide fodor




Travel with Kids By William Gray

Theological dictionary of the Old Testament, Volume 7 By G. Johannes Botterweck, Helmer Ringgren

Psychologie des Schwangerschaftsabbruchs in Indien Claudia E. Schmitz – 2008

Con gusto KLETT – 2009

The Totalitarian Temptation MindSparks

Let\'s Go 2009 France Colleen O\'Brien, Iya Megre, Mary Potter – 2008

Let\'s Go 2008 France Andrea Halpern, Sara O\'Rourke, Let\'s Go, Inc. – 2007


Voila!: An Introduction to French L. Kathy HeilenmanIsabelle KaplanClaude Toussaint Tournier - 2009


Rivers Laurie BurnhamGeoffrey H. Nash – 2007


Teens in Vietnam Gregory Nicolai – 2007


Portugal Charles F. GritznerDouglas A. Phillips – 2007  (couverture)


Canyons Ronald Butcher – 2006


Encyclopedia of the Peoples of Asia and Oceania: Volume 1 Barbara A. West – 2008


Living, Dying, Grieving Dixie Dennis – 2008


Entertaining from Ancient Rome to the Super Bowl: Melitta Weiss AdamsonFrancine Segan – 2008


Mesopotamia Christine MayfieldKristine M. Quinn – 2007 (back cover)


Siddhartha Gautama: The Buddha Lisa Zamosky – 2007


Daoism Paula R. HartzJoanne O\'Brien, Martin Palmer – 2009


Treasures of the Dragon Various, Sharon Leece, Stephanie Brown - 2007 –

Store Clerks Then and Now Lisa Zamosky - 2006 –


Communtiy Leaders Then and Now Christina HillTorrey Maloof – 2006


Environmental science: systems and solutions Michael L. McKinneyRobert M. SchochLogan Yonavjak – 2007


Europe by Eurail 2008: Touring Europe by Train LaVerne Ferguson-KosinskiC. Darren Price – 2008


Fodor\'s Paris 2009 Caroline Trefler – 2008


The Field Guide to Cattle Valerie PorterLynn Stone – 2008


Science 101: Weather Trudy E. Bell – 2007


Bertelsmann mein großes Grundschullexikon Hertha Beuschel-Menze – 2007


Bulletin de la Société Académique de Brest Société académique de Brest – 1901


Supplément lexico-grammatical au Dictionnaire pratique J. Moal – 1890


Knack Home Repair & Maintenance: An Illustrated Problem Solver Terry Meany – 2008


Confucius: Chinese Philosopher and Teacher Michael Burgan – 2008


Teens in Thailand Sandy Donovan – 2009


European City Breaks, 2nd  Jo WilliamsSophie Blacksell – 2007


Travel and Tourism Carol Inskipp – 2008


Atlantica Tierparadiese unserer Erde 01. Regenwälder: Volume 1 Beate Varnhorn, Mascha Bischoff – 2008


Bertelsmann Kinderlexikon: Mit Essays von Thilo 2008


World and Its Peoples: Eastern and Southern Asia Marshall Cavendish Corporation – 2007


China: The Culture Bobbie Kalman – 2008


Russia: The Culture Greg NicklesBobbie Kalman – 2008


Zoo Animals Rebecca Fjelland Davis – 2006 (back cover)


Save the Orangutan Sarah Eason – 2009


Graphing Penny Dowdy - 2008 –


Skateboarding Big Air Connie Colwell Miller – 2008 (cover)


Arts and Culture John TideyJackie Tidey – 2008


Family Meals Family Meals Debbie GallagherKimberley Jane Pryor – 2008


Tricks with Bikes Connor Dayton – 2007 (cover)


History and Government John TideyJackie Tidey – 2008


Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos Claire BoobbyerAndrew SpoonerJock O\'Tailan – 2008


1000 Events That Shaped the World Jared DiamondNational Geographic – 2008


Fodor\'s 2009 France Robert I. C. Fisher, Rachel Klein – 2008


Fodor\'s 2008 Paris Fodor\'s – 2007


National Geographic Traveler Paris Lisa DavidsonElizabeth Ayre – 2007


How We Get Around Rebecca Rissman – 2009

BILD-Wissensbibliothek 7. Altertum und Neuzeit. Das große 2006


Bertelsmann-Jugend-Lexikon Anke Braun – 2008


Historia del agua: Grandes proyectos de ingenieria y arquitectura Ana Azpiri AlbísteguiAlberto González Sarmiento – 2009


Der n-tv-Atlas: die Welt hinter den Nachrichten Lexikoninstitut Bertelsmann Gütersloh – 2008


Atlas of the Far East and Southeast Asia Felicia Law – 2008


Biodiversity Cheryl Jakab – 2007


Materials Steve Way – 2009


Family Meals Debbie Gallagher – 2008


Where Shanghai CityGuide WHERE MAGAZINE – 2008


Porto Anwer Bati – 2008 (cover)


Write Your Own Folktale Natalie M. Rosinsky – 2008


Zurigo Teresa Fisher – 2008


Fuerteventura: reisen mit Insider-Tipps Hans-Wilm Schütte – 2008


Institutions, Economic Growth, and the Curse of Natural Resources


Developing in US States, Economic Freedom, and the Resource Curse


Chine Michelin / MFPM - 2010 –


Le Petit Futé Portugal Jean-Paul LabourdetteDominique Auzias – 2010 (cover page)


Progrès en matière d\'assainissement et d\'alimentation en eau World Health Organization –


Dinosaur Poster Book (Poster Books) de Steve Parker


Le Petit Futé Paris féminin de Jean-Paul Labourdette (cover page)


Kennedy\'s New Latin Primer de Benjamin Kennedy et Gray Gerrish (cover page)


Insekten Lupenbuch (Relié - septembre 2010)


Jin Bu Chinese Pupil Book 1 (11-14 Mandarin Chinese): 1 de Yu Bin, Xiaoming Zhu, et Katharine Carruthers (Broché - 23 août 2010)


Jin Bu Chinese Workbook 1 (11-14 Mandarin Chinese): 1 de Lisa Wang et Hua Yan (Broché - 18 août 2010)


Das goldene Buch der Weisheit de David Li Wang (Relié - août 2006)


Photoshop Cs3 for Windows and Macintosh: Visual QuickStart Guide (Broché)


China de Jen Green (Relié - 9 octobre 2008)


Retiring in France de David Hampshire (Broché - 15 mai 2008)


Fuerteventura de Hans-Wilm Schütte (Broché - mai 2010)


1000 Facts - Ancient Greece de Rupert Matthews (Broché - 1 janvier 2008)


Elephants de Camilla de la Bedoyere et Belinda Gallagher (Relié - 1 mars 2007)


China: a Visual Adventure (Relié - 2 juin 2008)


Essential Sailing Destinations (Relié - 29 septembre 2008)


Buying a Home in France: A Survival Handbook de David Hampshire et Jim Watson (Broché - 23 juin 2008)


The Sun Kings: A History of Kingship de Hywel Williams (Relié - 20 septembre 2007)


The Miles Kelly Children\'s Atlas de Malcolm Watson (Broché - avril 2010)


Footprint European City Breaks de Sophie Blacksell (Broché - 10 septembre 2007)


The Way of the Warrior: Martial Arts and Fighting Skills from Around the World de Chris Crudelli (Relié - 24 septembre 2008)


Photoshop CS4 for Windows and Macintosh: Visual Quickstart Guide de Elaine Weinmann et Peter Lourekas (Broché - 18 novembre 2008)


Fodor\'s 2009 Paris de Fodor Travel Publications (Broché - 25 septembre 2008)


Footprint Rajasthan de David Stott (Broché - 19 octobre 2007)


Reisen de Emma Gibbs et Barbara Rusch (Relié - juin 2010)





world travel guide

Travel with Kids By William Gray

Theological dictionary of the Old Testament, Volume 7 By G. Johannes Botterweck, Helmer Ringgren


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